Welcome To Gill Dobson Teddy Bears

Welcome to Gill Dobson Teddy Bears

Gill has been hand sewing for over 50 years soft furnishings, curtains, roman blinds, bed covers etc., sometimes in conjunction with one of the UKs top interior designers.

Gill always wanted to have time to make teddy bears and other characters, now just retired; she has turned her talent and expertise to doing just that.

Gill has been hand sewing bespoke curtains and other soft furnishings for 50 years and more recently teddy bears and friends  Gill's bears are crafted from Steiff mohair with suede or fabric paws and feet, glass eyes and cotter pin joints.

Every bears Gill creates is totally individual and intended for adult collectors only. Because of their constituent parts they are not suitable for young children. 

Gill's  Bears and friends  are  unique , crafted to the highest  standards and cleverly  detailed to create  characters  that  will  be  treasured  for  generations 

With husband Bruce, she visited the Teddy bear fair at Gateshead in June 2017 and bought some basic supplies to start off with.

Gill and Bruce live in a lovely small market town in North Yorkshire, between the Yorkshire Dales and moors, a lovely part of the world, and fortunately quite central for travel to various parts of the UK. Gill could never imagine doing nothing in retirement, whilst still working she would come home in the evening and fall asleep watching television, now she watches the television whilst creating teddy characters and has renewed her enthusiasm for hand sewing creating little characters and enjoying a new challenge.

All the products on our website are intended for adult collectors only, they are not toys, and we must stress are not suitable for young children due to their small components, metal work and sharp constituents.

Gill and Bruce have enjoyed attending several teddy bear fairs around the UK over the past 6 months with good sales results, enjoying meeting other Teddy Bear artists, suppliers and customers, as well as several nice weekends away.

Bruce attends to the paperwork, booking fairs, creating an online shop, and a website still progress,

A couple of months ago he came across a book on needle felting and this sparked an interest. Bruce was a professional artist, specialising in seascapes, has always enjoyed crafts and working with his hands, so needle felting was an ideal outlet for his energy and talent in his retirement a medium and price range to complement Gill’s creations, if only to cover the overheads, Teddy Bear fairs, travel, and hotels etc. whilst giving them both hobbies that they could share and enjoy together.

Teddy bear making and needle felting are both addictive and absorbing hobbies, listening to the radio, watching TV or just in silence, it is very pleasant to be working at home doing something constructive that gives pleasure to oneself and the customer that purchase the creation.

Gill and Bruce admire several other artists especially those from Eastern Europe, Bruce has learnt a lot by watching YouTube videos especially Serina fibre art.

Gill and Bruce do not feel sufficiently experienced to give advice to anyone, but would say to anyone thinking about taking these hobbies, just to have a go, don’t be afraid to experiment or making mistakes, there is a lot of free advise out there several specialist websites, and groups on Facebook that are very supportive and informative.

They both find that the most satisfying aspect of their respective hobbies is in the creation of characters that others like enough to purchase them.

They both wish to progress in their respective disciplines, Gill has booked on to a course covering more complicated bear making techniques and Bruce would like to do a course if he could find one, but will continue to watch U Tube video tutorials and practicing different felting techniques.

Apart from their hobbies, Both Gill and Bruce enjoy travel and holidays especially to India and Greece, Bruce is a keen bowler, and both enjoy their pets, a miniature poodle “scoobydoo”, 2 rabbits Pie and Stew, and 8 guinea pigs, Tom, Dick, Harry, Pinky, Perky, Amy, Martha, Rosie and Blanche.


You can request that your chosen bear be crafted in different fabric, colour or size. Please remember that as each bear is individually crafted they will appear different to the original image.

Contact Gill Dobson Teddy Bears on 07980 271818.